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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our Lake Tahoe Trip

A couple weeks ago we went to Lake Tahoe with our friends from San Diego. It was a really fun 3 nights. We went sledding and played a lot in the snow. The last night there we go 12 inches of snow and had no power for 24 hours. We had to put our food outside to keep it cold and we all bundled up by the fire for heat. It got down to 8 degrees that night. It was a little scary, but we have really good memories of it that we will never forget. It ended up being really fun. 

Here is our stuff staying cold outside

                                             First day and Luke couldn't wait to get in the snow

                                                                     Alicia and I
                                                      I was so excited for a little vacation!
                                                               Mia loving the snow

                                                         Alicia's son Drew going sledding

                                                Sweet little Caite. She was such a trooper. I think she prefers the beach               over the snow :)

                                                   Weeeeeeee! Daddy sledding with the kids!


                                                    Caite and her Daddy, Brandon.
                                   Minus one, Luke didn't want to stop playing to take a picture
                                                        Here is when it started snowing

                                   Out in front of the house, taking advantage of all the snow!

                                                             My sweet girl

                                                          Luke rolling around outside

                                                         Kids had so much fun!

                                                                  So much snow! So fun!

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Shana said...

Looks like a blast!! Snow is so much fun when it's just there for fun!! :)